Canelé: The Caramelized, Custardy, Cookie/Cake of Bordeaux

Un vrai delice!

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Canele picture with title reading The Canele Chronicle

Macarons are all the rage in Paris and New York and have become the icon of French pastries. But I am voting for the long-standing iconic pastry of Bordeaux, the canelé.

This now fancy, indeed “haute” pastry began as a thrifty, simple way to use up left-over ingredients in order to feed the poor.

The canelé owes it’s beginnings to the nuns of the Miséricorde convent. They would send novices to the docks to sweep up flour that had spilled out of bags as they were being unloaded from the boats. To this recovered flour they added egg yolks, a leftover from the many vintners who used the egg whites to clarify their wines.

These original pastries, called canelas or camelions, didn’t look like what we see today. The dough was wrapped around sticks, fried and then sold to raise the money needed to feed the poor. According to some…

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2 thoughts on “Canelé: The Caramelized, Custardy, Cookie/Cake of Bordeaux

  1. colormusing says:

    Ooooh. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of trying these. Bientot!

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