Family Fun on the French Riviera

To ease the winter doldrums, why not start dreaming of & planning a trip to Nice – the Queen of the French Riviera!

The French Riviera’s reputation for being a chic, luxurious, and upscale travel spot doesn’t mean that it isn’t a  great family destination, as well. There are numerous activities, for kids of all ages to enjoy their stay and have “sun & fun” travel memories. This book contains a wide array of

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kid-focused activities, listed alphabetically and by location.


“KIDS RIVIERA” travel focus is  a great, travel gift idea and travel complement to “Sun, Sea & Savoir-Faire Travel Focus on the French Riviera”!

Isn’t it amazing how fast times goes?  Warm vacation months will be here before we know it — Bon Voyage & Bienvenue (Welcome)!

Re-define Your New Year’s Resolution

new years champagne glassBien sûr, we all have personal goals we set at the beginning of the new year, as a way to re-group our energy and establish our solitary desire for something….well, new or different in our lives. We all know, too, that generally speaking, most new year’s resolutions aren’t realized and fall by the wayside — becoming a dead end journey for whatever reason and usually without much consequence in the upcoming year.

But, how about making a life resolution?  What is your heart and soul conveying to you, and are you listening to your inner voice? With the resolution to circumvent obstacles and take/make a different path along your life’s journey, taking even baby steps can lead you to where you truly resolve to be.

What I have learned is that achieving resolutions is not all or nothing, as in getting from point A to point B: there are intermittent twists and turns and stops along the way, which may end up being your new resolution end point. It is possible to take the journey and live your authentic life — learn how in “Solitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France.”

(trailer video below)

Two latest reviews on Amazon:
5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I was looking for!, December 29, 2013

I first discovered this delightful book on a midnight run through the Kindle bookstore. It was the last night of a wonderful week in Nice, France and, unable to sleep, I was browsing my smartphone looking for ideas on how to spend more time in Nice. Well the author managed to do just that and she penned an interesting book on the journey that eventually led her to retire in Nice. Kim’s path is uniquely her own and probably not duplicable by anyone else. The principals, however, could be embraced by anyone with a dream, or even a “Solitary Desire.” Kim consistently moved in the direction of her dream – even if it was only a baby step. She also always said “yes” to unexpected opportunities and did not let the inevitable bumps along the way detour her. The book is a quick read – I read most of it on the plane trip home. It left me inspired to apply her ideas to my own life and to make my own dream come true. This is an entertaining and unique book. Also, if your path leads you to Nice, check out the author’s other book “Sun, Sea and Savoir-Faire – Travel Focus on the French Riviera.” Enjoy and maybe we will meet-up in Nice!

5.0 out of 5 stars Francophiles, Unite!, October 31, 2013

This is a delightful account of how Kim recognized her goal and set out to accomplish it! For those arm-chair Francophile dreamers or those following Kim’s lead, it will entertain and encourage you! Thanks for sharing it, Kim!

Find book (available as e-book & paperback) HERE

Book Trailer Video:

Ethical or not?

This is NOT a post to ask for money as in crowd-funding, but rather, a sort of crowd-support post – is that the same thing though, really?

To explain, I have entered my trailer video in an international festival and would like to get at least 50 votes needed so that it can be featured on a People’s Choice homepage.

So, if you would like to support me (non-financially), you can vote here:

All I humbly ask is that you vote your conscious and if you think it’s ethical – the lines have become so blurred in today’s world, I’m not sure myself! 🙂

(My intention is not to offend anyone by asking or to come across as spamming followers.)  Any thoughts on all this type of solicitation?


If at first you don’t succeed…

It was Friday morning, with the market in Valbonne in full swing and a lot of people shopping and milling about.  I was doing a “meet the author” book event at the English Book Centre in Valbonne for my books “Solitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France” and “Sun, Sea & Savoir-Faire – A Travel Focus on the French Riviera.”   Thanks to Lin Wolff, owner and operator – I was graciously hosted and well-positioned in front of the shop ready to meet and greet customers.

Lin had casually mentioned that even when well-known author, Stephen Clarke, had done a book signing at her shop, it had been difficult to get business!  So, what were my expectations?  Basically, to enjoy the lovely morning and profit from a little publicity, rather than book sales.  Unfortunately, there was building work, with a noisy cement mixer, next door to the bookstore, so my trailer video music, as a way to hopefully attract curiosity and attention to my table, was drowned out.  No worries – I just greeted those who walked by, talked at length to a few, handed out business cards, and people watched.  All in all, it was a very pleasant, sunny morning in a lovely town – success can be measured in various ways!

So, ……I’ll try again, and so I did the following month.  Thanks to Lin, I hosted a mid-summer aperitif book event in the late afternoonAgain, it was very quiet, as I sat in the shade in front of the bookstore waiting for passers-by.  Fortunately, the cement mixer was long gone.  I ended up meeting some very nice expat couples and two lovely women, one who had driven from Cannes specifically to meet me.  All in all, a personally rewarding afternoon for the success of meeting new people – priceless!


English Book Centre

Owner, Lin Wolff

Owner, Lin Wolff

Book table

Author, Kim Defforge

What’s Your Authentic Life?

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  (Eleanor Roosevelt)

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. May you be open to each thread that comes into your life – the golden ones and the coarse ones – and may you weave them into a brilliant and beautiful life. (Chinese proverb)


Ebook & paperback: Available HERE


How To Write Your First Book

BOOK DESCRIPTION:paperback How to cover

A personal step-by-step guide for how to develop your ideas into a manuscript, focus on formatting, enhance editing, and pursue publishing, & more.  Follow the author’s footsteps, to help you achieve your writing success!

REVIEW: 6/25/13


Fascinating behind the scenes look into the world of self-publishing. A step-by-step guide through the process of writing, printing and marketing a book.

It is a whole new world in which today’s digital publishing possibilities are available, but for the budding author, it is rarely obvious how to avail oneself of these new technical goodies. Kim Defforge, author of two recent non-fiction books, is there to share her experiences as a neophyte writer-publisher-marketer.

For anyone contemplating authoring their first book, “How To Write Your First Book” could prove invaluable. Though chronicling her writing experiences, as well, the book’s real emphasis is on the often difficult maze of decisions to take in choosing to become your own publisher.


Expat Blog – An Interview

Kim Defforge is a lifelong francophile and former French teacher, with a passion for all things French. Having moved from the U.S. to the French Riviera, she now enjoys writing about French culture, food, wine, events, and the simple beauty of a Mediterranean sunset…proving that dreams really can come true!

Why did you choose to move to Nice?

Actually, I had intended to live in Montpellier, but my husband’s family is in Cannes, so he wanted to return to the Cote d’Azur area. It turned out to be a great choice – Nice is a lively, beautiful city.

How was the moving process?

It was somewhat frantic: we sold our U.S. condo (unexpectedly in two days), sold our cars and other items and shipped the rest of our belongings and furniture from the U.S. to France in a 40 cubic foot cargo container. We were in the midst of totally renovating an apartment in Nice at the time, so had to store our boxes and furniture in the middle of the living room, leaving only a small perimeter to walk around. We had to shower at the beach, until the bathroom was completed…thankfully, it was summer. Getting everything done and being physically settled in took about 6 months.

Did you face difficulties to adapt to your host country?

Not really – I had lived and worked in Paris for a short time years ago and was a French teacher in the U.S. I also spent summers near Montpellier, and therefore, I kept abreast of French culture and am very comfortable being in France. I did, however, have to go to driving school to obtain a French driver’s license, a challenging and expensive process, plus deal with the infamous French bureaucracy for my long-stay visa.
What surprised you the most in Nice?

Although Nice is the 5th largest city in France, I was surprised at how relatively small the city center actually is; also, the aggressive driving, especially the scooters. Could you please share with us something you like about Nice and something you don’t like? I like the view of the Mediterranean sea, especially while sitting at one of the beach restaurants. I don’t like the rocky beaches in Nice and prefer silky, soft sand between my toes for an enjoyable walk along the surf.

A common belief about Nice which wasn’t right?

People usually come to the South of France for the warm, sunny weather; however, there can be, surprisingly, frequent periods of rain.

What do you miss the most from the US, your home country?

An authentic Mexican meal, like I enjoyed at On The Border restaurant and the level of client service found in the U.S.

What does a typical day as an expat in Nice look like?

There is so much to do here! It could be simply enjoying a walk on the Promenade des Anglais, shopping at an open market, taking in the sea view over a cup of coffee, meeting friends for lunch at a beachfront restaurant, and perhaps, attending one of the area’s many museums or international clubs’ events. Voilà!

Which advice would you give to people wishing to settle in Nice?

Take your time to decide if being in a large city is really where you want to live before investing in property and do your homework about what to expect, such as laws and taxes.

When and why did you start your blog, 24/7 in France?

Although I had written a few freelance articles in 2008, I started my blog in March of 2012, as a way to share current news, travel information, and amusing stories about living on the French Riviera, for locals and tourists.

You are also a writer and you release a book on your journey to France: why did you choose to write on your expatriation experience?

Solitary Desire-One Woman’s Journey to France is the true story of my personal journey and the life events that weave an emotional tapestry: from adolescent imagination to adult life situations, with the twists and turns that led me to pursue my life dream of living in France.

What are your projects for the future?

Although I miss my family in the U.S., I feel that I am where I am meant to be and have no plans to live anywhere else. Future project ideas include writing more books, launching special travel opportunities for tourists, and hosting a writer’s retreat.


Book Launch Press Release

Description:How To cover

A personal step-by-step guide for how to develop your ideas into a manuscript, focus on formatting, enhance editing, and pursue publishing, & more.  Follow the author’s footsteps, to help you achieve your writing success!

E-book Price:  $4.99 USD

More information HERE

The Riviera Woman

And you thought I was talking about myself, right?!

paperback photoWell....sort of…..since I am A Riviera woman, and am featured in THE Riviera Woman, an online magazine, as the author of “Solitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France.  Watch book trailer HERE.

A big merci to Anna Fill, the e-zine presenter and promoter, who I met a few years ago at one of her events.  Anna started the magazine to “develop a platform that allowed (her) to meet inspirational women and men on the Riviera who are part of the community, giving (her) the chance to raise their profile and hear their story.  (She) also wanted to have a website that promoted art and artists of all kinds.”

The Riviera Woman magazine’s slogan is: “Talk to us because we’ll talk about you. It’s what women do.”  And Anna certainly does it very, very well – Bravo!

To Each His/Her Own…Dream !



Book CoverSolitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France”  featured as Spotlight Blitz Book Tour on Buy The Book Tours site, as well as on their tour partners/hosts’ sites.

A true story of living one’s life dream!

4.6/5.0 in reviews

Available as an E-book and paperback on Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords.1519847_orig