Adverbs in French: A Verbal Exercise

Try your hand (or should I say, mouth?) at saying the following phrases with adverbs (answers below):

1. Did you eat too much?

2. I saw him yesterday.

3. I got up early.

4. We have already eaten.

5. I misunderstood.

6. He always orders (has) dessert.

7. She speaks too fast.

8. He already knows.

9. I completely forgot.

10. I like to sleep late.

1.  Est-ce que tu as trop mangé? or As-tu trop mangé? 2.  Je l’ai vu hier.  3.  Je me suis levé(e) tôt.  4. Nous avons déjà mangé.  5. J’ai mal compris. 6. Il commande toujours du dessert. or Il prend …  7. Elle parle trop vite. 8. Il le sait déjà. 9. J’ai complètement oublié. 10. J’aime dormir tard.