French Antique Sale


A pair of French gilt bronze twin light wall appliques, each with spiral fluted urns with waisted socles on a rectangular base, with beaded edges above swags to the sides, on square section stems rising from shaped backplates.  These fine wall lights are a well cast and skillfully gilded.


Height: 11 inches Width / Diameter: 7.5 inches Depth: 3.5 inches

Item Date: Late 19th or early 20th century.

Appraised Retail Value : 1000-1200 $USD 

Owner willing to sell for 800 $USD (+ shipping cost) OR make an offer.

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Travel Focus Book – Now in Paperback!

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A comprehensive, travel information book that focuses on the French Riviera. Includes concise transportation information, itinerary suggestion, website links, cultural tips, my personal recommendations, a recipe from my French family, and much more – even a visit to a village house.  Information at your fingertips, to easily access what you need to know and the savoir-faire for how to navigate the Côte d’Azur!

” When I realized I would see that light every morning, I could not believe my happiness … I decided never to leave Nice and remained here for my almost my entire existence.”                         Henri Matisse

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Art Exhibit at the Port in Nice

The “vernissage” for charity, featuring paintings done by a friend, was well attended.  The works of art merged powerful women’s faces, provoking images of an interesting ménage à deux.  Everyone mingled, nibbled, and enjoyed the artful ambiance. Can you guess who the featured/paired women are? What two powerful women would you add to this collection?


“Les Peintres dans la Rue” (Painters in the Street)

A nearby town’s square was hosting their annual Art Show/Contest, with artists vying for the best artwork and stand presentation. I also noticed five painters actively creating a personal work of art, while visitors wandered among the stands. There was classic art, impressionist style, abstract art, still life, and amusing, satirical pieces – a hodge podge of styles, colors, and artistic subjects.

I met and spoke with Monsieur BOOS, an artist with a studio in Nice, who was also walking around and taking in the views. I learned that he was one of the jurors for the day’s competition, with prizes going to the individual painter in action, and to the art stand deemed the winner.  I also spoke with him about his being an artist, which would give him a different perspective for judging today’s event – a kind of insider’s view from canvas up.  He also told me that there is an artwork show every weekend, all year long, at the Port in Cros de Cagnes-sur-Mer. As we said “au revoir” and continued on our way, I couldn’t help but wander who was going to be the winner.

Which painting style do you prefer in works of art?

Unique Art Exhibit in Nice

A friend of mine is the artist behind this upcoming “vernissage” of “oil paintings merging powerful women’s faces from Hillary Clinton to Lady Gaga.”   The exhibit is being held just behind Nice’s Port, with proceeds going to the charity,  Womenkind.   Let’s all support the arts and the power of women !

Not exactly “La dame de fer” (the Eiffel Tower)

Although it was the Eiffel Tower (nicknamed the “Iron Lady”) that was referred to as a useless monstrosity and a disgrace, when it was first built, those terms could equally apply to the iron sculpture unveiled in Nice, to commemorate the 150 year anniversary of Nice belonging to France. In my opinion (and everyone I have asked), this sculpture is considered “ugly and horrible,” — but then, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder!

No disrespect intended to Monsieur Bernar Venat, whose other locally-placed works of art are, personally speaking, more asthetically appealing.

The artist’s work appears in a number of cities: Paris (“double ligne indéterminée” à la Défense), Berlin, Cologne, Genève, Strasbourg, New York, Austin, San Francisco and Tokyo.

The “9 lignes obliques” sculpture, representing the 9 valleys in and around Nice, took two months to complete and, with a market value of 2,000,000€, it was donated to Nice by the artist (the city paid around 280,000€ for its production and transport). The work of art is 30 meters high, weighs 54 tons, and is built on a 40-ton steel and concrete base, to stabilize the sculpture against the local, and sometimes strong, winds.

I think the “Nine oblique lines” sculpture looks better at night, due to lighting softening the harshness of the metal, but honestly, I prefer the “Iron Lady”!