Renter Beware!

A British friend of mine and her husband rented a car recently with RentACar and had only driven about 15 world-tourismkms. before the clutch went out. As it turned out, she (the driver) was blamed and the company blocked their credit card for 1000 Euros to cover damages.  After speaking with an attorney, they realized that it would cost more to fight the claim. Upon receiving a replacement rental car, she was obligated to demonstrate to the company’s agent that she was capable of driving a stickshift (she has had many years driving experience in France and in the U.K.).

Apparently, this occurs frequently no matter what rental car company is used – read someone’s Hertz car rental experience & solution as Q&A HERE

The bottom line is “any damage to the clutch is considered gross negligence by the renter” so the next time you are renting a car, BEWARE & BE  AWARE!