Starbucks – A Nice visit

With the first Starbucks on the French Riviera at Cap 3000 and now the just-opened one in Nice Etoile in the city center of Nice, I decided to go check it out on a Monday.

Of course, no surprise for the cookie cutter, or should I say coffee cutter, look as they all are the same. The line was long, with about 20 people waiting, along with limited seating capacity. Located on the street level floor of the shopping center, it is easy to find and is right beside a major entrance and exit for better visibility/accessibility.

I couldn’t help wonder if, when, and where a third one will show up next!







2nd Starbucks in Nice

The initial inception of the iconic American coffee house, Starbucks, took place in the Cap 3000 shopping mall, to the west of Nice Airport in St. Laurent du Var in June, 2012 (my article here).

Starbucks will next be opening sometime this Fall in the shopping center, Nice Etoile, located in the city center of Nice.  Since it is a chain, I wonder if and how many more will be opened on the French Riviera within the near future – stay tuned!

Nice Matin video HERE