100 FREE Concerts in Nice: Nov. 28-Dec 2, 2012

Don’t miss out, if you are in town!  Amusez-vous bien!

100 free concerts in five days

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Source:  Conseil Générale Alpes-Maritimes

Nuit des Musées (Museum night)

In 2001, this cultural event (free entry to museums evening) was created to encourage young people and families to visit local museums, with 39 countries participating. It falls on the Saturday closest to May 18th, which is the date for the European International Museum Day, so that the general public can take part in their country’s culture.

In keeping with the festivities, I attended “Les Concerts du Conservatoire,”a free concert held in the Chateau-Museum Grimaldi, with a free tour afterwards. There were beautifully-framed works of art on the walls, with standing room only. After the town’s mayor introduced the orchestra, we heard pieces by Vivaldi, Barbella, Sibelius, and Piazzolla — Baroque period chamber music and various other rhythmic, musical works.  Everyone seemed to enjoy both the visual and acoustical ambiance of the entertaining;  being a dancer, I was ready to tango (link to dance video)!

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