New Promenade in Nice

What’s in a name?  Read my article about the naming of the Coulée Verte.

After a massive 3-year project, the people of Nice and visitors will see the long-awaited opening of a brand-new 12-hectare urban park, 1.2 km long, in the heart of the city – called Promenade du Paillon.

With the demolition of the former bus station, the perspective has been cleared to provide a splendid view of the heights of Nice and the facades of the old town.


Photo : Ville de Nice

Photo : Ville de Nice Didier Quillon
A pedestrian walkway will lead walkers alongside strips of lawn dotted with water mirrors and take them on a botanical journey, with the promise of trees in blossom in every season.

And the children aren’t forgotten: there are swings, a variety of games and giant structures in the form of whales, dolphins, turtles, octopuses, etc… they’ll have a whole range of marine animals sculpted in wood to play with.

 Running between the Nice National Theater and the sea, this vast green corridor of 1,000 trees, 61,730 shrubs and 55,364 hardy plants is intended as a place for recreation, well-being and tranquility. The Promenade is equipped with smart underground networks (fibre optics, Internet networks, electricity, etc.) and may therefore be used as a venue for future events.


New Name Announced for Park in Nice


Coulée Verte officially named ‘Promenade du Paillon’

The new name for the ‘coulée verte’ development has been announced. The green corridor, which will run through the heart of the city, will officially been known as the ‘Promenade du Paillon’.

The green pedestrian area will be delivered soon to the centre of Nice

The municipal council of Nice has settled on the title ‘Promenade du Paillon’ after a unanimous decision at the council meeting on Friday 15th March.

An appeal for a new title, launched by Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, attracted various suggestions from the citizens of Nice. In fact, the poets were out in force with suggestions including Allée du petit bonheur (little lane of happiness), Symbiose fluviale (harmonious river), Val de Nice (Valley of Nice), Vague verte (green wave), and Paillonnette verte (little green Paillon). Promenade du Paillon won out over the competition with its clear connection to local history.

Meanwhile, work continues on the green walkway. From the National Theatre of Nice to the Albert Ier garden, the future park continues to take shape. Ground work has been completed and channels that will feed into the ‘mirror of water’ feature are well underway.

The Albert Ier garden should be delivered in June this year, as the 7.4 million euro ‘coulée verte’ project approaches its completion date in September.

(Source: Nancy Jane Carragher for The Riviera Times)

Jazz in Nice = A Garden Makeover

Nice’s annual Jazz Festivalis being held in the public garden area of Albert 1st (Jardin Albert 1er), from July 8 through July 12, 2012. Last year, SEAL entertained in the garden venue.


However, the day after this year’s festival, the park will be barricaded and closed for one year, to open just in time for the 2013 Jazz Festival; the closure will allow work needed to complete “La Coulée Verte,” the green-space corridor being built on the site of Nice’s former bus station.

The hundred-year old trees will not be disturbed, when the park undergoes a makeover, with the addition of plant borders, grass, and fountains. The garden’s on-site merry-go-round will stay open and accessible during the renovation works, so families can continue to enjoy it!