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Cours Saleya market, Nice FranceBy Margo Lestz

Cours Saleya is the heart of Old Town Nice and it’s always pulsating with life. Striped awnings cover its centre and shelter the products on offer in the daily market. Crowds of locals and tourists come here to do their shopping or sometimes just to look and snap photos of the colourful displays. The scents of fresh produce and flowers seem to put everyone in a good mood and the atmosphere is friendly.

Cours Saleya flower market, Nice France

Cours Saleya hosts four different markets. The most well known is the Marché aux Fleurs, or Flower Market, held Tuesday through Sunday. It’s actually a combination of the flower market and the fruit and vegetable market but the name, Marché aux Fleurs is commonly applied to the whole thing. The fruit and vegetable stands pack up by 1.30 in the afternoon but the flower stalls stay open until about 5.30.

Cours Saleya flower market, Nice France

The flower sellers…

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Charming Restaurant in Old Nice

Walking from the Nice Opera, go directly through Cours Saleya to the end and turn left onto rue Gilly, walk straight ahead to the Y in the road and “La Ferme Saleya” restaurant is just there to the left.

exteriorWhat a find!  This place is charming, has wonderful service, and the food is excellent.  They even served a free Kir to customers who arrived before 8pm to have dinner – I ordered a Kir Peche (peach) rather than my typical Kir Cassis (black currant) – it was delicious!

kir peche I highly recommend this restaurant and definitely plan on having lunch there next time.  See you there!

Supermarché – Hypermarché – Marché ?

Is the open-air and covered market disappearing  in France? One would think so, from the large prominent  supermarkets like Auchan, Carrefour, and Leclerc, but not to worry! There’s the open market in Cours Saleya and at Malaussena in Nice.   Cagnes-sur-Mer, just outside of Nice, has rebuilt and opened a new covered market, with all the relevant fanfare –  Bon marché!

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