Château of Versailles – Une Fête Gallante & Dream come true!

IMG_0025To mark the 300th anniversary of the death of Louis XIV, the Château of Versailles hosted a soirée costumée in la Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors).  As we walked through the royal gate and up to the marble courtyard, musiciens played and a welcome drink/champagne was served.  Once inside, there were baroque dancers performing, aria concerts to attend, baroque dances to learn, and parlor games being played, not to mention the private apartments of the King and Queen & la Galerie des Glaces to stroll through – a very special evening of regal ambiance d’antan!



View France 3 TV coverage: (I appear at 30 sec. climbing stairs in front of the red Cardinal costume) HERE

Attendee’s personal video:
I appear in the dancing excerpt at 3:40 mins.  HERE


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Photos – Costume “Bal des Favorites”

As followup to my video post of the costume ball:

The vibrant colors, rich textures, and varied styles of costumes were stunningly beautiful and a sight to behold!  Some of the attendees were ‘pros’ at these kind of events and had even made their own dresses and menswear !

So, that got me thinking, although I haven’t sewn in a very long time, maybe I could make a gown for myself.  I would have to use a borrowed sewing machine, and I’m not sure I can really do this, but if so, what color brocade fabric would you suggest ?

Le Gospel (Gospel Music) – Assomption Day

A nearby village was hosting a free gospel concert, as a fitting end to the Assomption Day celebration festivities (see previous post). There were around 400 people present to listen to the gospel singing and inspirational music. Not sure how many actually understood the English lyrics, but the crowd seemed to enjoy the rhythm of the music. One of the singers was from Martinique, so spoke French to the audience between songs.

Below are some video snippets from the concert.