“De l’absurde au ridicule” – From the absurd to the ridiculous!

In my previous article about new anti-drunk driving laws in France, here is the latest, updated news:

“The government has delayed the full introduction of the controversial breath-test law, which would have penalized them for not carrying an unused kit in their vehicle. Interior Minister Manuel Valls has postponed “sine die” – indefinitely – the start of €11 fines for not carrying the tests. He had already delayed the start from November 1, 2012, until March 1, 2013, due to problems in supply and doubts about their effectiveness.”

(Source: The Connexion)

French Breathalyzer Law Update

Driver’s Beware !

The latest news on the french breathalyzer law is that, as was speculated , it has been now been confirmed that the new french law that requires motorists to carry NF approved breathalyzer kits in their cars from the 1st July 2012 or face fines will not actually be enforced by police until 1st November 2012 – recently changed to March, 2013.

(Source: French breathlyzer website)

Personal Note: July 24th – I just purchased a Box of two tests, at the local pharmacie, and it cost 3,90 Euro/box; they expire in 2 years (June 2014)

Personal Note: As of January, 2013, the enforcement of this law has been postponed indefinitely.