Antibes-Juan-le-Pins Fireworks

“It’s good news for everybody in Antibes-Juan-le-Pins this August. The weather in July wasn’t good enough for their annual fireworks so the mayor has re-scheduled the glorious sight. Go along with the other 10,000 odd spectators to the beaches and the restaurant terraces to see the sparkling pyrotechnic display reflected in the dark waters of the Mediterranean.”

  • August 8th, 15th, 18th at 10pm over the bay of Juan-les-Pins
  • August 14th at 10pm on the Ponteil and La Salis beaches in Antibes
  • August 24th at 10pm on the beach of the Fort-Carre, Antibes
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    International Fireworks Contest 2012

    As reported on CityOut Monaco:

    “It’s that explosive time of year again when Monaco plays host to the very best in firework displays from around the world. Taking place over four dates in July and August, the International Fireworks Competition sees teams from France, the Czech Republic, Austria and England competing for the honour of the title – and for the top prize of recreating their display for Monaco’s national day in November. This year a public prize will also awarded for the best display as judged by the online public.”

    When: Mon 9 July, Thur 19 July, Wed 8 August, Sat 25 August