Les Baux de Provence: Jaguars, Picnic, & Mines – Oh My!

During my recent short trip with friends to the Luberon, it was planned that we stay in Fontvieille and stop nearby to have a picnic before going to the “Carrières de Lumières” multi-media show in Les Baux, featuring works by Klimt.

IMG_0031KlimtPhoto: Official brochure

It sounded good to me, especially since they were bringing the food (read: I didn’t have to cook).   My 14-old car was left at the hotel, bien sûr, as we all rode in style in my friends’ cars to a small, open area of a nearby forest.


As we approached the area, we noticed and pulled off the road and parked just before an ominous sign:

“Accès Interdit Tir des Mines – Danger” (Do not enter – land mines)


Tir de Mines


As we carefully set up our ‘table’ and the put out the delicious spread, I thought that this picnic would be a blast (figuratively speaking only).  We ate, laughed, fought off a few ants that liked the food as well, and enjoyed comraderie in a setting of nature and calm (thankfully).  Merci to our friends for a great day’s outing!


Les Baux de Provence:





Immersed in Impressionism

I recently traveled to Les Baux de Provence – specifically to see this year’s multimedia show,  “Carrières de Lumières.”  Located in the heart of Les Alpilles, this “Voyage around the Mediterranean” light and sound show was projected onto ~45 meter high walls and onto the flooring inside the limestone quarries – dug out to extract the stone needed to build the Château and the village of Les Baux.  I was totally surrounded with mostly impressionist portraits and accompanying music, as well as some Fauvism and contemporary works of art.

There were two shows, with continual repeats:

  • Main Impressionist show, “Monet, Renoir..Chagall Voyages en Méditerranée” (about 36 minutes)
  • “Dream” – a fascinating voyage through the elements and their diversity: space, the ocean, and mother nature. (2 minutes)

You could stay and watch as long as you wanted, although the temperatures were chilly inside the quarry. This presentation runs every day from 9h30-19h00 until September 30th, and then October 1st to January 5, 2014 from 10h00-18h00; Les Baux is 15 km from Arles, 25 km from Avignon, and 70 km from Aix-en-Provence.

The images and music were absolutely mesmerizing and so beautiful – I was moved to tears!