Cheese Police

cheese plate

cheese plate


Of course, there’s no cheese police monitoring how one cuts cheese in France, but there IS a proper way to cut the various shapes of cheese – are you in the etiquette know?!

Cheese is usually served on a platter with knives designated for each type. Choices (3 or 5 types) should include hard, soft, and blue varieties ranging from mild to strong flavors.

  • Round cheese, like a small, whole Camembert should be already started with a small wedge cut and removed from the circle, so it’s cut like a pie.
  • A square or rectangular brick of cheese, such as blue, should have a rectangle cut off the end.
  • With a wedge/triangular-shaped cheese, such as Brie, simply slice a sliver off along the side of the wedge – NEVER cut the tip off a wedge of triangular cheese.

Remove the cheese from the platter to your plate by gently stabbing with the knife to pick up your piece.

If in doubt, just remember – the original shape of the cheese should be maintained.  Voila & bon appetit!