La Barque Bleue at Nice Port

Barque Bleue exteriorI recently dined with some friends, who had chosen a restaurant at the port of Nice.  I expected specialities centered around fish and seafood, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant is Italian-owned and offers Italian specialities as well.

We had a great corner table near the back of the restaurant, which provided a quiet atmosphere to chat and linger over the antipasti and their luscious red house wine before the main course.

house red wine









Of course, we had to complete our meal with the typical Italian dessert of tiramisu – MIAM!

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Restaurant near Nice Port

I had just done an exercise class with some friends, when one of them recommended having lunch at a restaurant I had not heard of before: “l’Atelier du Port” – what a great, new find!

Located on the corner of rue Bavastro and rue Bonaparte, just behind Nice’s Port, it is easily accessible and has a very welcoming staff.

Our serveur, who had lived in the U.S. and spoke excellent English, was very friendly and joked with us, making it a lighthearted and fun experience.

The lunch menu was varied, so it was difficult to choose, but I finally decided on the “Ravioli citrons confits de Menton” and of course, some Rosé wine. The service was excellent, and the meal was wonderful, light, and delicious – a perfect selection on a warm, summer day!

I will definitely be going back to this restaurant, next time to try their dinner menu — I’ll keep you posted!

PERSONAL NOTE: I did go back for dinner and it was as excellent as my lunch experience, with friendly and efficient service to match!

Location: 45, rue Bonaparte, Nice
Tel: +33(0)9-83-34-88-44

(This is a NON-paid personal recommendation.)

Niçois Boat Crossing at Nice Port

Le dernier passagin dans les années 1940-1950. (Photo doc, Phrasea et repro Pascal Amoyel) Nice Matin.

History is repeating itself at Nice’s port!

Reportedly, after 50 years, a lost tradition is returning to the Port of Nice: a nostalgic means of crossing from one side to the other. The ‘new’ fishing boat crossing is in response to the demand from locals, but will also attract tourists, who will no longer have to walk the entire perimeter of the Port.

The six meter crossing (map link) runs between Quay Charles-Félix (to the West) and the steps of Entrecasteaux (to the East near the residence “Neptune”), taking about 2 minutes. With a capacity of six passengers maximum, the boat service will run from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. “Le passagin” crossing will be free during the entire summer of 2012, as a trial-run period.

As the saying goes: ‘Everything old is new again!’

(Sources: France 3 TV/Nice Matin)