Nice Train Station Makeover

Beginning January, 2013, the main train station in Nice will be getting a makeover.  The approximately 60 million Euro, new futuristic/modern look will enhance the current station building, which was constructed in the 19th century.

“Nice is connected to the rest of France via the SNCF train network. A direct TGV train from Paris to Nice takes about 6 hours, and on TGVs a reservation is obligatory. The train arrives in Nice at the central station, called simply “Gare Nice Ville” (not to be confused with the stations at the city limits, Nice Riquier and Nice St Augustin). A new service called “IdTGV” is now available: it offers low-cost TGV tickets (starting at just €19 for a single trip between Paris and Nice). These tickets have to be bought online, and are not refundable.” (source: Wikitravel)