A Springtime Poem / Un poème de printemps

“Le temps a laissé son manteau” de Charles d’Orléans (1391-1465)

(in French & English)

A tribute to Spring that has finally sprung here on the French Riviera!

Charles d’Orleans, known for his poetry created during his 25 years of captivity in England during the war in 1419.  He returned to France in 1448 and was the father to (the future king) Louis XII.  Below is one of his most well-known poems.

Le temps a laissé son manteau.
De vent, de froidure et de pluie,
Et s’est vêtu de broderie,
De soleil luisant, clair et beau.

Il n’y a bête, ni oiseau
Qu’en son jargon ne chante ou crie :
Le temps a laissé son manteau.

Rivière, fontaine et ruisseau
Portent en livrée jolie,
Gouttes d’argent d’orfèvrerie,
Chacun s’habille de nouveau,
Le temps a laissé son manteau.


The season removed its coat
Of wind, cold an drain,
And put on embroidery,
Gleaming sunshine, bright and beautiful.

There is neither animal nor bird
That doesn’t tell in it’s own tongue:
The season removed its coat.

Rivers, fountains and brooks
Wear, as handsome garments,
Silver drops of goldsmith’s work,
Everyone puts on new clothing,
The season removed its coat.