Beau Rivage in Nice

The Promenade des Anglais was hosting an expo with various stands featuring boating, artisanal products, and one selling handbags made out of sailboat cloth.  Although the summer temperature was high, locals and tourists alike strolled and browsed the stands under the heat of the midday sun.

bags from sail cloth











What else to do on an extremely hot summer day in Nice but eat, drink, and be merry!  Heading for a seaside restaurant that provided shade and a nice sea view and breeze, we chose Beau Rivage, known for its iconically Nice blue chair artistic entrance.

entrance 2








The rosé wine was refreshing and the lunch was delicious –  a leisurely good time with friends, and yes, were very merry!


Annual Events Calendar

There’s always a lot of activity on the French Riviera, not to mention Old Town, the Promenade des Anglais, and the Promenade du Paillon park areas of Nice – come join the fun!


annual events


















Credit: Riviera Reporter

New Promenade in Nice

What’s in a name?  Read my article about the naming of the Coulée Verte.

After a massive 3-year project, the people of Nice and visitors will see the long-awaited opening of a brand-new 12-hectare urban park, 1.2 km long, in the heart of the city – called Promenade du Paillon.

With the demolition of the former bus station, the perspective has been cleared to provide a splendid view of the heights of Nice and the facades of the old town.


Photo : Ville de Nice

Photo : Ville de Nice Didier Quillon
A pedestrian walkway will lead walkers alongside strips of lawn dotted with water mirrors and take them on a botanical journey, with the promise of trees in blossom in every season.

And the children aren’t forgotten: there are swings, a variety of games and giant structures in the form of whales, dolphins, turtles, octopuses, etc… they’ll have a whole range of marine animals sculpted in wood to play with.

 Running between the Nice National Theater and the sea, this vast green corridor of 1,000 trees, 61,730 shrubs and 55,364 hardy plants is intended as a place for recreation, well-being and tranquility. The Promenade is equipped with smart underground networks (fibre optics, Internet networks, electricity, etc.) and may therefore be used as a venue for future events.


A “Nice” Iconic Souvenir

Anyone who has walked the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, has certainly noticed, or sat in, the blue chairs that line “La Prom.” A local artisan has created a plexiglass miniature club with this iconic blue chair inside – an original, Nice souvenir!

Wikipedia photo

His boutique, Transparence, (souvenir photo on website link) is located in Old Nice at 2, rue Jules-Gilly, with most of his artwork being crafted by hand and in metal.

(Source: Nice Matin)

Bastille Day in Nice

Last evening, I decided to ‘paint the town city red’: see a Woody Allen movie, have dinner out, and being the 14th of July, celebrate La Fête Nationale (music and fireworks)!  The Promenade des Anglais was closed off to traffic, so everyone could party and dance to the bands playing their repetoire; great to see all ages out and about and kicking up their heels to the music!

Swing music band

Street crowd/dancing

Salsa music band

Balloon vendor

“Tricolore” at Negresco Hotel

(Video from 2010)