Seaside fashion show in Théoule-sur-Mer

This is a followup to yesterday’s post of my recent day at the beach.

During my lunch at a beach front restaurant in Théoule, I noticed a young woman repeatedly strolling down the beach and then back again, just in front of the restaurant.  Each time, she was wearing outfits in a similar style, but in different vivid colors and patterns.  An attached price tag was visibly moving with her sway and with the gentle sea breeze.  Very eye catching and entertaining, while relaxing and eating lunch seaside!

Personal  Note: I just found out a friend of mine purchased one of these at a price of 170€.  The bottom skirt can also be pulled up to make it a dress or tied triangularly to make it a pareo, so there are three ways to wear it!

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Théoule-sur-Mer: a Seaside Restaurant

I enjoy going to the sandy beach in Théoule, about 40 minutes from Nice by autoroute A8; there is also a train station for access.

I decided to have lunch at the restaurant I prefer there, Les Frères de la Baie, dining at a table just beside the sea. Actually the few times I have been there, I have ordered their specialty, ‘La Tulipe de Poulet’ – a salad in a light, crispy ‘basket’ with marinated chicken and lightly seasoned vinaigrette dressing – delicious! Keeping with ‘tradition,’ I ordered it this time, followed by their café liégeois dessert.

The restaurant is just at the edge of the sea, so you can relax as you listen to the rippling waves and the beautiful sea view. A great place to unwind, either before or after hitting the beach!

A few summers ago, I ate at the nearby Marco Polo Restaurant; it’s situated closer to the beach entrance intersection, but still was enjoyable and had good food.

Théoule-sur-Mer: Beach day

I am not a sun worshipper, nor strong swimmer, so I don’t frequent the beach that often – pretty ironic for living where there are around 300 days of sunshine a year! However, when I do want to be up close and personal with the sun and the sea, I choose Théoule-sur-Mer for it’s sandy beach and off-the-beaten-path ambiance. Although it was crowded the day I went, I find it a more intimate experience – smaller beach and being close to the water’s edge. I had a blowout in my air mattress, so found out the water was refreshingly cool, too, that day!

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