Wine Robotics X 2

#1 A new robot (known as Wall-Ye) has been designed specifically to help winemakers with its ability to prune vines — in fact, its creators say that it can prune up to 600 each day. And for vineyards, the machine has more to offer than just manual labor, as Wall-Ye also has the added ability to record data on plants and soil using six built-in cameras. It also includes a GPS and gyroscope that serve as a security feature, so that the robot knows when it’s not where it should be. “If that happens, the hard-drive self-destructs and the robot sends a message to the winegrower: ‘Help!'” says creator Christophe Millot. Wall-Ye will soon perform sales demonstrations for a number of vintners in the country, though those who want the robotic helper will need to spend around $32,000 for its services.



Some hypermarchés (see list below) have installed a robot-like wine sommelier (wine waiter) to help consumers with which wines to select: just type in a food selection and Max makes a few wine recomendations. You help narrow the search by selecting a region, price range, and type of wine, as shown in the below video.

The list of  Carrefours with “Max le Sommelier”:

Aix en Provence, Athis, Barentin, Claye-Souilly, Collegien, Dijon Toison Or, Ecully, Flins sur Seine, Givors, Ivry sur Seine, Labege, Lattes, La Ville du Bois, Les Ulis, Lormont, Merignac, Mondeville, Montesson, Nice, Ormesson, Pontault-Combault, Purpan, Rambouillet, Saint Andre les Vergers, Saint Brice sous Forêt, Saint Pierre des Corps, Tourville, Venette, Venissieux, Villabe, Vitrolles, Wasquehal.


St. Paul de Vence: Participate in “La Vendange”

A local grape harvest, in which you can voluntarily participate as a way to experience French culture and comraderie, has been reported in the following Riviera Times article.

“Let the harvest begin! Ever fancied a go at grape picking? If so, the domaine of Saint Paul de Vence is allowing one and all to come and enjoy the age old activity of harvesting grapes next week. The event, held on 24th September, is a perfect opportunity to experience the long established tradition in the stunning grounds of the vineyard. The activity isn’t for the faint hearted, but is a great way to enjoy the French countryside. After a day of picking in the vineyard a glass of wine will be well earned.

Early in the morning at 7.30am, eager pickers are welcome to gather at the ‘ramparts ouest’ in the domaine’s grounds where they will be taught about the grape picking process before the real work begins. From 7.45am onwards, volunteers will be let loose on the steep hillside vineyards of Saint Paul de Vence to help harvest during a challenging but fun annual event.

Lunch will be provided in the afternoon before another session of harvesting the grapes that will soon be transformed into delicious wine.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to enjoy a day of grape picking in the picturesque surroundings of the Domaine Saint Paul de Vence, then all you have to do is turn up wearing suitable clothing, some sturdy shoes, and carrying some (gardening) gloves. For any queries about the day do not hesitate to call the domaine on 06 09 28 26 59.

Don’t forget that the day could be long and the weather may be hot so bring lots of water and wear plenty of sun cream!”

Note: Clothes will most likely become grape stained; bring garden clippers if you have them.