Double agent

The other day, I had an appointment with a real estate agent – nothing eventful about that, except he seemed younger than the average realtor and showed up in knee-length shorts and a tee-shirt — not exactly business tenue. He also seemed a little anxious (maybe new at his job?), but it was an extremely windy day – in fact, mistral-like with 60-70 km/hr. winds with gusts up to 90 km/hr. (close to 60 mph), making everyone (and the usually calm sea) a little agitated!

After the meeting was over, he told me he had been kite surfing, and was running to do more, which would explain the casual attire. Although most of us don’t have the leisure time to kite surf (or do whatever) while working, he  wasn’t agitated that day — he was happy and definitely flying high! (Have you ever kite surfed?)

“Behind the Mistral is the beauty of Provence. Its fierceness blows away clouds and grime and doubt, leaving colors the depth of dreams and a freshness that can come only after the Mistral’s scouring. Provence needs the Mistral or it ceases to be the Provence of my dreams. I need the Mistral to cut through those dreams to truth – beauty comes after the wind.” (Kamiah A. Walker)

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