Book Trailer Video: “Solitary Desire”

I hope you watch and enjoy this short, promotional video made to whet your appetite in anticipation of reading the book – all comments welcome!

The E-book & paperback versions have launched and are available here!


21 thoughts on “Book Trailer Video: “Solitary Desire”

  1. This is a lovely promotional video, Kim. You should be very proud of it. There was an excellent programme on the BBC last night entitled “The Riviera” and it was highlighting it through the artists and creatives who had lived and worked there between the wars. And now here you are, following in their footsteps.

    Bravo and bonne chance.

  2. Thank you – your comment means so very much to me, Corinne.

  3. Nick says:

    Your book and life journey sounds very interesting! I truly hope this will inspire others to pursue their true calling in life. Thanks for sharing your personal story with others. Nick

  4. Angie Symes says:

    Just got your and up to ch.7 and enjoying it so far.

    Well done Kim.

    I am very impressed that you have done what you intended in what seems to have been a relatively short period. I know it has been germinating for a while but getting it out there and onto my kindle doesn’t seem to have taken long at all.

    No wonder book stores are closing……..

    Good luck

    Angie x

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  5. Sandy Vann says:

    Beautiful video to introduce your book Kim…. eager to read it.
    What an accomplishment. Look forward to coffee and a chat in the near future hopefully with you in Nice. So vital to follow one’s hearts calling and dreams. Bravo encore! A bientot. Bon chance.

  6. Sitting here in NYC watching your video and dreaming of getting back to that wonderful place where your “Solitary Desire” became a reality.
    CONGRATULATIONS KIM for how much inspiration you will give to others through your book! Can’t wait to get my copy!
    Much love always – Deborah

  7. Nora & Elio Daidone says:

    Hello Kim !! All our wishes for a very happy and successfull new year !! Allways keep and follow your dreams, cause they come true a day or an other !! Congratulations ! Kindly yours !! Nora and Elio

  8. Silvia Righi says:

    thank you for sending the link of your nice video. Congratulations, I’m going to download a copy of the book on my I-Pad. I’m keen on reading about the “turning point” it describes…

  9. Great book preview video, beautiful pictures and impressive “mise en scène.” Very much looking forward to getting the paper version.

  10. Carly says:

    Congrats Kim! I look forward to reading it soon. Carly x

  11. ninabaydoun says:

    Felicitations Kim, c’est tres beau. 🙂

  12. Susan McCarthy says:

    I so enjoyed both the book and the trailer…creates more longing for those of us stateside who wish to experience more joie de vivre under the French sun. You are a very committed, focused, and honorable person to have kept going..and going..and going.I congratulate you for this encouraging book.

    • Thank you so much, Susan, for your lovely and kind comments, which in turn, encourages me to keep going to write my next book. I am so happy you enjoyed the book and trailer and hope it inspires you to fulfill YOUR “Solitary Desire”!

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