Paëlla Specialist in Nice

I was invited by friends to go to a restaurant that specializes in Paëlla – not really my favorite dish, but since it is the restaurant’s specialty, I figured why not – On y va!

Oui, it was wonderful – decorated with sausage, chicken, and shrimp – loaded with flavors and a very hearty meal, of course, accompanied by a delicious, and equally hearty, red wine!  (I was too busy tasting it to take a photo – oups!)

(19, Bd. Raimbaldi, Nice)



7 thoughts on “Paëlla Specialist in Nice

  1. Hi Kim. I’m all paelled out too at the moment! A week in Spain so the obligatory paella evening and then last night at the Golf Club here in South Wales main course, paella, what’s going on??

  2. Maybe the latest meal of the moment or just easy to make (?) – sounds like you have certainly had your fill!

  3. cteachr says:

    Yours looked better than the one I had in Mexico at the resort. They made theirs with fresh crab, but I had to fight for the smallest piece of meat in those crabs. I prefer a nice fat shrimp.

  4. Me too – I prefer to enjoy a meal instead of having to work at it, although I do like crab meat. Being at a Mexican resort sounds fun!

  5. Jane Jack says:

    Wow! We live in Nice and will be sure to try that place…looks delicious!!!!!

  6. Hi Sandy – thanks for your comment which I have answered in an email – bisous.

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