Restaurant in Nice Pedestrian Zone

I met some friends for lunch, who suggested going to an Italian restaurant located in La Zone Pietonne (pedestrian zone) in Nice, since the ‘specials of the day’ menu (plat du jour) is simple and good cooking for a good price. That combination worked for me, so off we went. Had some Rosé wine as well, bien sûr!

The restaurant is centrally located and all in all, it was an OK meal.  But,  I left craving french fries!

Asperagus Risotto

Chicken Thigh and Salad

9 thoughts on “Restaurant in Nice Pedestrian Zone

  1. cteachr says:

    Everything looks delicious! My kind of food.

  2. colormusing says:

    Looks wonderful! I love prix fixe menus.

  3. Always so beautifully presented!! I love “Menu de jour”. Who wouldn’t? All that yummy food, presented and cooked with loving care. Looking forward to our return to France for June!

    Bon weekend, Kim!

  4. Lisaman says:

    Love Risotto.. Never had it with asparagus!!

  5. Thanks – It was very good and seems easy enough to make

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