Roussillon in Provence

The ochre paillette of colors & pigments, that make this town one of the most beautiful villages in France, is quite evident from Roussillon‘s flaming colors in its landscape.  As I walked around this lovely village, I took in all the Provençal flavors, from the ochre cliffs to the local landscape, artisanal shops, and restaurants.

My stomach signaled it was time for lunch, so we chose Le Castrum restaurant, located on the beaten path to take in the sights (read:  people watch).  The daily menu was reasonable and provided enough variety lemoncello bee& choices: meat or fish with an entrée (appetizer) and dessert.  After the meal, we were offered a lemoncello by the restaurant – a very nice gesture on their part.  We weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the after-meal digestif , noticing that a yellow jacket was imbibing as well (maybe that’s where bees in Provence get their yellow-stripe color from)!


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Personal side note:  The Cafe de l’Ocrier in Roussillon is a tourist trap type place, with horribly rude service – we actually walked out before ordering drinks there!

11 thoughts on “Roussillon in Provence

  1. Beautiful pix. Makes me want to go there posthaste! And can’t wait to try l’Ocrier (Just joking)!

    • Thanks – it was a nice/Nice getaway trip, except for the Cafe de l’Ocrier where the requested drink menu was thrown on the table by one serveur and my French friend was told by another serveur that he is in France and should drink French beer, instead of the German beer he was ordering (listed on the menu but they didn’t have it)!

  2. Lovely post. Your pictures are fantastic. I want to taste everything in them. Good to know about the l’Ocrier. Will avoid it when I’m there.

  3. Lovely photos as always!

  4. I guess not every restaurant can be wonderful!

  5. Good pics. Love the look of that painted doorway.

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