“Dimanche malin”! (Mischievous Sunday)

A close-to-Nice town closed a section of its seaside Promenade (road that runs along the sea) to host a festival/street fair, with various venues for children: skate park, race track for electric four-wheelers, trampolines, face painting, inflated slides, just to name a few. However, adults (and dogs) enjoyed it too: cycling, trikking, jogging, and rollerblading.

What struck me the most was that it was not an event full of ‘bling-bling’ (the glamourous image of the French Riviera) — just a day full of ‘gling-gling’ (the ringing sound of bicycle bells), as everyone came out to enjoy the day’s activities. It was entertaining to see the mix of people enjoying themselves and being ‘mischievous’ on a cloudy (yet warm) Sunday on the French Riviera!