Travel Focus Book – Now in Paperback!

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A comprehensive, travel information book that focuses on the French Riviera. Includes concise transportation information, itinerary suggestion, website links, cultural tips, my personal recommendations, a recipe from my French family, and much more – even a visit to a village house.  Information at your fingertips, to easily access what you need to know and the savoir-faire for how to navigate the Côte d’Azur!

” When I realized I would see that light every morning, I could not believe my happiness … I decided never to leave Nice and remained here for my almost my entire existence.”                         Henri Matisse

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9 thoughts on “Travel Focus Book – Now in Paperback!

  1. Sandy Vann says:

    Great Kim…Hope you and Bruno enjoy a lovely weekend. Bit cloudy today in Saint Remy, but we took a lovely walk Thursday to the lake in les Apilles, beautiful. Though I already miss not being even closer to the sea. We head to Avignon tomorrow for 4 days, then to see friends for Easter in Orleans. Back to SW France as we hear property is less pricey and try out the area around Pezenas again. Write when time allows with all of your news. We plan to keep house sitting and renting through the summer months and will then see. If you hear of any friends needing a dependable couple to care for their home we might be interested! 🙂 It has been fun to house sit for this lovely couple here in their beautiful large home. The pooch is a cockapoo and darling and so well behaved. We really do like Saint Remy as a village, especially as it gets a bit livelier now with the season approaching. Mistral does blow through though as we experienced in Dec.more than this visit. I love the sea as you do though! I think a bit larger town is what we eventually will decide upon as well. Saw a nice write up about your pretty town.

    Your posting is great and we wish you much success. Happy Spring…happy writing.

    A bientot. Sandy and Terry

  2. Hi guys – you are certainly getting around France to get a feel for different places, so that’s great to decide where just the right place is for you to settle. Enjoy the springtime weather and hope to see you this summer. Stay in touch and let me know where you are!

  3. Wow! You clearly are an authority on the Riviera. I wish you great success with the book.


  4. Thank you for your kind comment – wishing you all the best.


  6. ninabaydoun says:

    Congratulations Kim and good luck

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